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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Macys Fashion Director


Macys Fashion Director: "

Check out my entry into today's Macy's contest!"

Ok, so I've lost some weight recently and I'm currently wearing sizes I never wore before. Which is nice in and of itself except this means I'm a bit on the short side wardrobe wise. I've been getting some nice "hand-me-across" clothes (kind of hard to call clothing from my younger sister "hand-me-down"). But it's not the same as picking things out on one's own. (Mind you, I super appreciate all the help I'm getting from friends and relatives on this) -- But when I found out that Macy's was having a contest to put together outfits from clothes they supply you with for different occasions ("meeting the in-laws", "applying for your dream job", "beach party with your workmates", stuff like that....) with a daily prize of a Macy's gift certificate I decided I'd at least try.

Now, I have a feeling that most of the daily winners are young people, college students perhaps (?) who have tons of friends voting for them. And I realize that most of my friends are not so young and voting for me and my outfits might not be tops on their list of "things I must do today".....

I'd like to hope that perhaps some of my friends could help me with this -- so if you get a chance, check out my outfit for today.......


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