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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Card Playing Day: We love Solitaire!

Growing Up Playing Cards

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We grew up playing cards. We played Gin Rummy, Casino, Spit. When we were in our teens, my brother Aaron and I started playing bridge with our parents (and grandfather) -- I would partner with Mom and Aaron with Dad (or Pop, our grandfather). When my sister got older, it was my sister, Chani, and I and Aaron and Mom.

When Chani started going out with guys, her ex-bf (the last one before her husband) liked poker (we never played for real money, just chips) and we would do Saturday night poker in the winter (when Shabbat -- the Sabbath -- ended early enough).

Mom taught us all solitaire when we were young. We used to play solitaire (each of us, that is) whenever we were alone. Then came computers and I got addicted to solitaire on the computer (I still am to some degree) -- and I even taught Mom some of the games I found on the computer games.

So when I found out that December 28th is Card Playing Day, I thought I should write about our playing card obsession.

Do you like playing cards?

What are your favorite card games?

Tell us all in your comments.