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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be it Ever So Humble......


After a majorly pathetic road trip, the Mets are back in the friendly confines of Citi Field. The bats woke up (and my main man Jeff Francoeur hit a home run) and, the first game against the Cardinals felt better than the anxiety of the previous good pitching/ practically no hitting games of the road trip.

I just wish they could stay on a winning streak. Granted, they did win 2 out of 3 from the Cards, but so far they split the two games with the Arizona Diamondbacks (who are supposed to be one of the worst teams in the majors -- so far, as of tonight, they have lost 4 games to the D-backs and only won one game. This doesn't exactly fill me full of warms and fuzzies. Now I realize that as a Mets fan, I have learned to rejoice at the small victories, the home runs, the triples, the stolen bases, the walk-off victories (there are so many of the walk-off losses this season). And tonight's game (which I was able to see part of since it was still going after Shabbat -- the Sabbath) was one of those small victories. Thanks to a double by David Wright driving in the tying runs and a triple by Feliciano, who was driven home by a sac-fly by Beltran (for the second out of the 9th), the Mets pulled off a win (before having to go into extras, where they are totally pathetic this year).

I have to preface what I'm going to say now with a bit of a disclaimer: I never wanted Jason Bay to get injured. I don't even like it when players on teams I hate (like the Phillies and the Braves) get injured. But I'm happy that Francoeur is playing.

Francoeur adds something to the team, IMHO, even when he isn't hitting. Because of his arm, runners often stop at third, afraid of being thrown out at the plate. Add that to the number of runners he does throw out at the plate and he probably saves a significant number of runs. A run kept from scoring is just as much help to the team as an RBI, IMHO.

Angel Pagan, Thank G-d, is hitting and fielding well. I think he has proven his worth to the team and Carlos Beltran is starting to come into his own after coming back from the long-term disabled list. I personally think that Francoeur is the natural choice for the third outfielder, especially with Bay not hitting up to par. I don't totally understand why all the announcers and commentators are taking it as a fait accompli that Bay should be the 3rd outfielder. I vote for Francoeur.

(Let's Go Mets!)

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