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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let's Go Mets!


Well, for now, being a Mets fan is fun again. Six straight wins has gotten me excited about my team again. They seem to have tied up some of the pitching "loose ends" (like the closer spot -- thanks to K-Rod -- Francisco Rodriguez).

It could be that they got off to a slow start because a lot of the Mets players were in the World Baseball Classic playing for various nations (some of whom were playing for most of the series). I hope that's the reason for the shaky start. But for now anyway, they're in first place (Thank G-d!).

As a long time Mets fan (or is it long suffering????) I've gotten used to rejoicing whenever there's a good sign because I never know when the Mets will turn a good thing around. I hope I can continue to rejoice all season long. I hope this is the year they finally prove they don't always choke in the clutch.....

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