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Friday, June 6, 2008

What this is all about....


I do have several blogs with specific subjects. But every now and then, I want to write about something and it doesn't fall into one of those categories. So I decided to start and "Everything Goes" blog -- that means it could be about anything that's on my mind.

Lately, what's been on my mind it the Mets. I'm a big baseball fan. I don't get to see the games as often as I'd like (I rarely get to see the entire game from beginning to end, but thanks to Sports Channel, I do get to see more games than I used to). I've been following the Mets since I was a little girl (about 6?) and, while I have other teams I root for (the Angels, the Red Sox and the Cardinals mostly), I don't get to see their games with the regularity I get to see the Mets (being that I live in the NY viewing area).

At the beginning of the year, everyone was saying the Mets were the team to beat. Well, I think that was right -- they were the team EVERYBODY was defeating.

I watched the games (and recalled their crash and burn from last year and this is what I came up with:

1) As Jose Reyes goes, so goes the team (this was confirmed for me last night with actual statistics). It's important for people like David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, etc. (and Ryan Church has been a pleasant surprise, though he still seems to need some TLC after the two concussions), but when Jose Reyes is "on" -- hitting, walking, stealing bases, smiling and enjoying himself, it gets infectious and it infects and helps the rest of the team.

2) Starting pitching needs to be tightened up. This is happening, to some degree, and with the return of Pedro Martinez and I hope it will tighten up a bit more.

3) Relief pitching needs to really tighten up. It does no good if your starting pitching is on the money but the relief pitching totally blows it (this happened a lot during the crash and burn from last year but hasn't totally disappeared this season).

4) And this is a biggy -- one of the things the Mets do well when the team is hot is those ubiquitous come from behind victories. They haven't done this at all this year.

5) Get over last year. It happened, it happens, life (and Baseball) goes on. It shouldn't define who the Mets are.

In the past week or so, the fog seems to be lifting (KI"H). I hope it continues.

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