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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Read a Book Day


Read a Book Day

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September 6th is "Read a Book Day".

When I was young, I hated reading. I think part of the reason I hated reading was that I:
1) had to read what my teachers wanted me to read
2) had to read the book within a certain time frame (when the assignment was given to when the report was due)
3) had to write a book report when I was done

But as I got older, and the classes I was taking were more in the category of subjects I liked, for the most part the books we were asked to read were more likely to be books I enjoyed. Also, as I began to read on my own (after college), I got to choose to read the books I wanted to read.

Let me know as comments:

Do you prefer to read Fiction of Non-Fiction?

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